Organic Haldi Powder 200 gms

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Haldi is a tuber and grows below the ground; this is a shade loving plant and needs a cover of big leaves during the germination stage. This crop is secure from attacks by Pest or Insects. Cow Dung is used for fertilization.  The risk in this spice is adulteration and coloring at the powdering stage.Two ways to check this:

: The smell

: The Alkaline Test

Mix Haldi in Alkaline water. If Haldi turns yellow it is pure and if it turns red it is impure.

USP: 100 % natural, no artificial color or chemicals added

Ingredients: organic turmeric

How to use:  As a spice, turmeric is a staple of Indian cuisine, used in curries, salad dressings, teas and lattes. Turmeric is more than just a food fad. Using it on a regular basis may be able to improve your health and help you look better.

Shell Life: 1 year        

Storage and handling instruction: Store in cool and dry place. Keep the pack sealed when not in use or switch to an air tight container.

Weight: 200 gms

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