Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 1 litre

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Using crop rotation practices we always grow mustard (sarson) after a crop of legumes. This ensures rich nitrogen content in soil as legumes do what is called nitrogen fixation. They enrich the soil with nitrogen and then when we grow mustard we do not need to apply any chemical fertilizers like urea, which are basically used to provide nitrogen to the crop.  Since mustard is a very handy crop it does not attract pests or insects and therefore, there is no need to apply pesticide or insecticide.

100% natural, no artificial color or chemicals added

Our oil seed is then further cold pressed to give Mustard oil. 

best before 6 months

ingredients : cold pressed mustard (black mustard), no preservatives

Ghani processed, natural, unrefined, 100% virgin

store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight 

 How to use : Mustard oil is the most suitable oil for Indian cooking as it has a a very high heating point. Since it is cold pressed it retains all its nutrition values and can be used in every kind of cooking from frying to cooking Subzi sand dals to sauté, pickles salads namkeens etc

Shell Life: 6 months   

Storage and handling instruction: Store in a cool dry place , away from sunlight

Weight: 1 litre

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