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Spread “Green’ with Mudfingers Range of Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Mudfingers nurture a baby plant for you. They plant each plant with great care. The pots are in aesthetically designed containers.

A Broad-Spectrum of terrariums adds class to your living rooms. Rain forest Themed Terrariums, Hanging Succulent Terrariums, Glasshouse Terrariums, Indoor wall Terrariums, and Geometric Terrariums are a few to name.

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The brand designs beautiful terracotta planters and specifically fires them to withstand constant water retention. Designer ceramic planters which enhance interior decor by their vivid colors and eye-catching shapes.Choose  Tulsi Vrindavans from a wide collections- made of terracotta, painted terracotta, marble, designer ware etc.They also extend their care for plants by providing tips for plant care.

UNIQUE FINDS- Zebra Haworthia,Chlorophytum Reverse Variegated plant, Orchids


Healthy plants and safe delivery
I’m really happy with the purchase , if you don’t want the hassle of going to a nursery .. it’s worth the price” – Client

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