Raksha Bandhan

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan – The sustainable & eco-friendly way

The Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and it is the day to celebrate the unbreakable bonds of brother-sister. The bond between siblings is not only crucial in childhood but throughout life. Raksha Bandhan is observed on the full moon day, Purnima, of the month of  Shravana. The tie of bonding between siblings marks the day and they come together to cherish childhood memories. On this day, a small thread is tied by the sister to her brother’s wrist, and in return, the brother promises to protect her from all evils. 

In urban India, where most families are nuclear, siblings go beyond the blood relationship to celebrate the festival. Imagine that male friend, who protects and cares for you as a  brother, not by blood relationship but by bond. Or that sister, who always cares and scolds you like your mother. Another vital relationship we share is with our sister-in-law (bhabhi). Originated from Rajasthan, Lumba rakhi is growing quite popular. Lumba rakhi is tied to the wrist of the sister-in-law(bhabhi or brother’s wife). 

How to celebrate Ecofriendly Raksha Bandhan?

Ecofriendly Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated with natural and sustainable rakhis and gifts. In other words, the celebration will not involve any sort of plastic. It must be earth-friendly and natural. 

Earlier people used to make handmade rakhis out of paper, clay, fresh flowers, pearls, and beads. However, as a result of modernization, people are more inclined to artificial, synthetic rakhis and gifts which results in pollution. When the bond and love are so natural, why show it with factory-made gifts and rakhis? Thus, many homegrown brands have evolved to bring back the golden age. Some of them are-

1.Seed rakhi from Artsy Dhana: Seed symbolizes new life and prosperity. The Plantable Seed Rakhi using Cotton Yarn contain a seed of plants like tomato, ridge gourd, brinjal, and marigold, which grows into a plant when thrown in the soil. Tie it on your bhai’s wrist and celebrate the festival in a green innovative way.

plantable seed rakhi with cotton yarn

Pic Credits: Artsy_Dhana

2. Clay Rakhi from Wonder craft: Based in West Bengal and founded by Soumi, this brand makes varieties of designer terracotta rakhis. To keep up with the modern trends, they create designs of food and emoji. 

Raksha Bandhan

Pic credits: Wonder craft

3. Bamboo rakhis by Bamboo heart: Bamboo heart, based in Himachal Pradesh creates cute bamboo rakhis that are eco-friendly. Made from bamboo and piles of bamboo, the rakhis are lightweight, non-toxic, and ethically made by local artisans. 

bamboo rakhi

Pic Credit: Bamboo heart

4. Handmade sustainable gifts/ Self-care hampers from Stonesoup: Stonesoup organic body/skincare range “Khaas” is really ‘Special’, as the name signifies, and is perfect to bestow that special love. The light kokam and sweet almond oil glide on your skin and pampers you. Did men ever think the shaving bar soaped on the jaw, will care and soothe the skin with virgin oils?

5.Gift memories: The best gift to give your sibling is the gift of memories. Plan an evening with the fun games you used to play together as kids. Relieve your memories with a photo album or explosion box available in MozaicQ. 

6.Seed Rakhi DIY- The most sustainable way of celebrating Rakhi is by making your DIY rakhi. For example, you can take a small piece of muslin cloth or a coloring cloth,  put some seeds and tie it with a cotton/ jute thread. Tadaa, you are done. Later you may grow your seeds and et your microgreens. It is the easiest and simplest way of celebrating Rakhi. 

7. Don’t be tempted to buy a fancy gift for your sibling if it creates overpackaging waste or if it is made from a material that cannot be recycled! Instead, give plants or seed packets as gifts. Plants are great gifts and help the environment. Pack a plant that is native to your area, seasonal, and easy to care for and grow. 

Celebrating Rakshabandhan with sustainable ideas helps reduce pollution and also spreads positive vibes to everyone around you. MozaicQ wishes you a Happy Raksha Bandhan. 

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